As a micro- or mid-size brewery, winery, or distillery, you have a distinct set of concerns.  Your concerns are not the same as every other artisan.  Your customers like your product because you do something different.  Why would you buy a one-size-fits-all control system for your situation, when your situation is unique?

We provide personalized automation solutions for you and your team.  You enjoy making great beer, wine, and spirits; you should be able to concentrate on designing your next batch and crafting the exact taste you and your customers want.

Our customers are given freedom to focus on their creativity and freedom from the distractions that don’t require artistic ability.  Boiling 200 gallons of water for mash shouldn’t require your attention.  For that matter, it shouldn’t require your presence.  Time is valuable, and you should be spending yours creating, not waiting for water to boil; automate the tedious parts of your process and free yourself to do just that.

Distilling, brewing, or making wine as a business means producing a high-quality product while keeping costs down.  This is why we tailor every system to the specific needs of our customers.  We bring the latest industrial technology to the craft beverage community.  This allows us to keep initial, maintenance, and upgrade costs to a minimum.  We use touchscreens, programmable controllers, and internet-based controls to give you control and freedom.

Why use an industrial touchscreen or programmable controller?  Many control systems use a multitude of buttons, switches, and readouts.  Expanding one of these systems means considerable labor adding new buttons, wiring them into the system, and downtime through the upgrade process.  Using a single touchscreen and controller allows you to expand your system when you’re ready with a minimum of downtime and physical modifications.

Touchscreens and programmable controllers give you the option to recreate recipes you have saved and look at historical data, allowing you to supply your customers with a consistent product.

Using a secure network connection, we can provide you with web browser-based control and maintenance of your system.  You can be notified of important events by text or email, and you have complete control of your equipment anywhere you have an internet or smartphone connection.

How do we keep costs manageable?  Our solutions process allows you to start as small as you want and expand as needed.  What process is slowing you down the most right now?  Automate that and use the new freedom to grow your operation.  When you find your next bottleneck, we can add it to your control system and you can continue your growth.  Whether you are the creative genius behind your beverage, the business owner, or both, this allows you to do more with less overhead.

We don’t replace your creative process.  We simply allow you to do more with it.